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Cute Dog

Why Foster

  • If you ever wanted the opportunity to care for an animal, but you're unable to commit to 10+ years of care, then fostering is just the thing for you!

  • Fostering an animal is a fun, exciting and rewarding experience! Not only do you and your family learn the responsibilities of "pet ownership," but you also get the chance to save a life. 

  • Our foster parents play a huge role in our rescue and are very much appreciated by both the animals and ourselves! Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in becoming a foster parent by filling out the application below. We are always in search of loving foster homes for our pets.

Foster Application Process

  1. You must also provide a filled out Foster Program Application/Contract.

  2. Pet Rescue Solution personnel will schedule a home visit to see if the home fits to the pet's needs, prior to the approval of the application.

  3. All foster pets are under the responsibility and possession of P.R.S. until it is formally adopted. 

  4. Foster dogs must be on a leash when walked and the yard must be fit to prevent the pet from jumping over it. If you prefer to keep the foster pets indoors than we would be more than happy to know before hand in case you are in need of any materials. 

  5. All foster owned pets must be vaccinated and up to date with their shots.

Foster Requirements

  • Submit and fill out the Foster application/Contract. 

  • The qualifications to foster pets from Pet Rescue Solutions is to be 21 years or older.

  • Must be living in a house with a fenced back yard or front yard. If you are living in an apartment make sure that your landlord is in agreement of you fostering a P.R.S. pet. 

  • If you rent your home, attach a copy of the rent policy and provide the contact information for your landlord.

  • Must provide identification to a P.R.S. rep. 

Pitbull Portrait

A Happy Home

We're here to help 

Most animals want to live happy, peaceful lives. Here at P.R.S., we try our best to make that a reality to the orphaned dogs and cats that come through here. With your help, a stray animal can have an instantaneously better life through fostering. 

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