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Best Friends

Our Services

We offer a multitude of services to help keep your pets healthy and safe. From microchipping and creating pet tags to veterinary referrals, we offer many services that help keep wonderful pets happy and off the streets.

Lost A Pet?

Losing a pet can be extremely difficult, which is why we want to help! We can provide you our list of resources as well as print flyers to help save your pet.  We can also help you create a post online, such as on facebook or instagram and even sources like nextdoor dot com.

Surrender A Pet

We can provide services and 

resources to help relocate your pet. Please email us for more information.

Pet Tags

It’s extremely important for your pet to have an identification tag in the event that it gets lost or goes missing. A durable metal tag can provide the necessary information, like an address or phone number. At PRS, we offer low cost pet tag services for all our guests. 

Found A Pet?

Finding a pet can be exciting! To identify an animal, we use microchip scanners in case the pet does not have a tag. If we can't contact the owner, we can create online posts as well as flyers to help reunite the pet in need. 


Microchipping a pet can be extremely useful in the unfortunate event that it should go missing. We offer low cost microchipping options for your pet. In many instances, microchips have been crucial in reuniting lost pets. 


Aside from offering microchips and pet tags, we also offer many accessories for your pet needs. We have great deals on leashes, harnesses, pet beds, and more! 

Our Impact

Sleeping Dogs
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"Pet Rescue solutions in El Monte is staffed by the kindest and most caring people. We had the best experience working with them and the lowest adoption fees of any rescue for miles around. Even if you don't find the exact pet you were looking for, give them a big thanks and a great review for tirelessly caring for these pets needed homes !"

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