Volunteer Description

Pet Rescue Solutions is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization dedicated  to  promoting responsible pet ownership & provide affordable pet products that will aid in loss prevention. Rescuing dogs/cats and finding them safe and suitable permanent homes through adoption, advocacy and education.



  •  The volunteer must complete a orientation meeting with a  P.R.S representative to understand the requirements they will be needed of you to do. 

  •  The Volunteer must be in good health for completing the tasks you sign up for. 

  • Also set an appointment for a interview with a PRS representative.

    • In the interview you have the opportunity to display any experience that you had with pets or exotic animals. 

    • If you have any questions or concerns with these guidelines presented on this page. The interview is the best time to ask questions to receive answers.      



  • The qualification to volunteer in Pet Rescue  Solutions is to be 18 years older to be able to work in our facility without parental supervision. If you are under the age of 18 you will then you will be asked to choose other options to help volunteer in P.R.S. 

  • Be willing to work to work hard and get dirty from the work you will be doing.

  •  The ideal volunteer should be well rounded, productive, and motivated to work with animals of all sizes and behaviors.

  • He or she must have the ability to meet assignments promptly , is reliable , and flexible with their work. 

  • Volunteers who work directly with animals must exhibit willingness to learn about the and know how to properly interact with them.  


Positions Available: 

Although Pet Rescue Solutions is a small pet rescue that works toward to getting pets that are need of a second chance adopted in happy homes. Pet Rescue Solutions would like to invite the community to help in the same cause that people are trying to prevent; which is pet abandonment and animal cruelty. By volunteering you can make make a difference to your community and to that little friend who is in need of a happy forever home. To become a volunteer in Pet Rescue Solutions , you must fist fill out the volunteer application.  


Pet Adoption Events:

  • At the P.R.S.  adoption event it is up to the volunteer to make sure that all of the pets are in good and  healthy conditions.

  • Making sure that all of the adoptable pets have new collars , harnesses and leashes to wear and look presentable to the event.

  • You will be giving people adoption information to potential adopters and explain to them the process adoption with in our rescue.  As a volunteer you must be able to speak to people in a polite manner and answer all of their questions. 


Office Work:

  • In the P.R.S Office facility you will be advised to work at a computer and work with the following computer programs and other additional programs . 

    • Gmail 

    • Google Docs

    • Word Document

    • Excel

    •  Facebook


Kennel Clean Up:

  • Working in the Kennel area is very crucial because you will be needed to make sure that the area is clean at all times. 

  • The kennel will be needed to be cleaned in the morning and in the afternoon before the facility is closed for the day. 

  • Cleaning the kennel will require a person to withstand smelly orders because you as the volunteer will have to clean dog and cat waste in the kennel area. 

  • It is also your responsibility to prepare food over night for a pet, if they are staying overnight in the P.R.S. facility. You must also prepare the kennel for his/hers overnight stay by making sure there are pee pads placed , beds and blankets for them to sleep on.  


Dog Walker:  

  • The P.R.S. facility will often have pets that are available for adoption in the kennel that are in need of walking every so often during the day. 

  • As a dog walker you will be needed to walk P.R.S pets and make sure that they receive the correct amount of physical exercise depending on their breed and weight. 


Hours of Operation:

Even though Pet Rescue Solutions has their staff in the facility; we still need volunteers to assist us on our busy days. Days such as adoption appointments, home-checks, and adoption events that we host at Pet Smart on the weekends . Other times P.R.S set appointments for the bath area , which were we bath dogs and prepare them for adoption events or just for the public animals. 



  • Volunteers will be asked to serve during specific times of the day and week. If a volunteer is unable to attend , the volunteer should notify P.R.S as soon a possible.

  • Absenteeism/ Tardies : P.R.S must be notified 24 hours be for hand that you as the volunteer will not be able to attend an event for unable to volunteer.  


*All Volunteer hours have to be scheduled before hand by Eva Rainwater*


Director Eva Rainwater

Pet Rescue Solutions Hours: 

 Monday  - Friday          10:00 am - 5:00 pm

 Office Number                          

(626) - 758 -1977

(626)- 758 - 1978

Email : eva@petrescuesolutions.org              


Pet Rescue Solutions Volunteer Application
Filling out the Pet Rescue Solutions volunteer Application dose not mean that you are guarantee a volunteer position .
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All information provided is deemed true and reliable .If at any time you can no longer volunteer at P.R.S of have committed to a project and are unable to volunteer you will give a 72 hours notice to a P.R.S. representative . In consideration for being permitted by Pet Rescue Solutions to participate as a volunteer, I hereby waive , release , and discharge and and all claims and damages for personal injury , death , or property damage which I may sustain or which may hereafter accrue as a result of my participation as a volunteer or resulting from any negligence or misconduct of P.R.S. . I agree to indemnify and to hold free harmless P.R.S , its director and officers form any and all injury and /or property damage , claims , losses, liability , damage. expenses , fees including attorney fees , costs and judgments that may be asserted against P.R.S. which i may incur or sustain while participating as a volunteer for P.R.S or that result form the act or omissions of P.R.S employees and officers.
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