Pet Rescue Solutions Origin Story

Pet Rescue Solutions was founded in 2012 and is located in South El Monte. We originally sold affordable Pet Tags to the community in need of pet tags for their pets. Since the name included the word Rescue many people believed the idea that we were a rescue for cat's and dog's.  Adam Melendez, The President of the Non-Profit Organization made the decision to turn the Pet Tag business into a Non-Profit Organization. We got our 501 (c) (3) letter  on July, 2014and we called ourselves  Pet Rescue Solutions . Since then we have saved over 1500 cats and dogs and found them their forever homes.

Pet Rescue Solutions works toward helping pets in need and finding them happy loving homes. Our staff work hand in hand with pets to provide them the best care to get back on their feet. Many of the pets that we receive are former strays either left behind or have been lost for days. With a productive faculty P.R.S make sure to post up fliers hoping that they will be reunited.