Owner Surrender Admission Criteria


The admissions decisions are based on our ability to provide appropriate housing and care for each animal unique needs. Pet Rescue Solutions works hard toward helping you and your furry friend and getting them into a happy home. 

"Our goal is to find a happy home for every pet that come into our care"           - P.R.S

No longer have time for your a pet?

Behavioral Issues 


If you desire to re-home your dog because of their behavioral or training issues, please contact a qualified training professional. We are not trainers and your dog will be happiest with a little guidance and patience. If you are considering to train your pet by a professional trainer you can contact your local Pet Smart or other locations that offer training  and set an appointment.

If you pet i showing aggressive behavior then a  professional trainer should be kept in mind. With a professional trainer the instructor can find methods to help you as a pet owner to ease your pets behavior. One way that you can do to ease your pets aggressive behavior is to socialize them to people and other dogs/cats. For a dog a public dogs park is a good location to socialize your pet but if your dog might bite another , then it is recommended to bring a mussel.  

With consistent pet training the behavior or your pet will change and benefit you and the pet's life in your home. In many cases pet training is very helpful that it helps owners have their pet's master potty training, obedience training and even tricks. 

  Keep in mind that your pet is well off happy in a home that he has known for most of his life. Even though you feel that your pet's depression was caused by your absence in the home, sometimes just 15 minutes of your time can make a difference.

Giving a small amount of your time each day can help your pets behavior from being sad to a happy little puppy again. Even holding them in your arms while you sit in the couch to watch T.V can also be time added to his happiness.  

Fifteen minuets of  just walking , playing fetch , or a nice run through the park can change your pets behavior in a matter of weeks. Another way to keep your pet entertained is to schedule play dates with other pets or taking them to a dog park to make friends . 

Another option that you as a pet owner can consider is adopting a new friend to give your other pet company while you leave them home alone. By providing a friend , both the pets can keep each other company in the comfort of your home.   


Programs that Provide Help

If you are experiencing financial issues and can no longer care for your pet please look into the following programs listed below. The following programs help many pets owners in need of food ans pet care. These programs work toward helping those in need and keeping the world pet friendly. 

Make sure to feed your furry friend the best



Moving ?

If you are experiencing issues with your housing situation, please consider offering your landlord a pet deposit and signing a separate housing pet contract . Your pet is family and should be given the same consideration as any other family member. There are realtors and pet friendly management companies all over Los Angeles that you should look into and consider to look into. Pet Rescue Solutions is a small rescue and cannot help you re-home or hold you pet in our facility due to the small amount of space that we have. You will be put on a wait-list depending your situation but you must also be able to foster the  pet for a short while until a foster is available. 


P.R.S Admissions Criteria


   Due to the high volume of request we receive ,we are only able to accommodate those pets who reside within Los Angeles County, California. Admission decisions are made based on our ability to provide appropriate housing and care for each animal's unique needs. Although our goal is to help animals on their way to a loving home, we do make a lifetime commitment to the animals who come here , and potential admissions are considered in view of space and resources. 

  We give priority admissions to animals that have been vaccinated , microchiped , Spayed or Neuter prior to the surrender process. When coming into our facility you  must bring the following items to insure that your pet will get adopted:

  • Pet Vaccine Records

  • Spay/Neuter Certificate

  • Rabies Certificate  

  • Microchip Records   

   By having the following items completed, this will make the adoption process much quicker and creates more opportunities for your pets to get adopted in a happy home. If a foster is not available for your pet  at the time of the surrender process,  please keep in mind that you must be able to foster the pet until a foster is available. If there is not foster available, please be patient for position to open and once a spot it open a P.R.S will notify you.     

   All pets that come in the office must be healthy prior to filling out the owner surrender form . If the pet has a health issue please make sure to let a P.R.S representative know right away. Make sure to let us know if the pet is taking any kind of medication or treatment. If the pet is taking any treatment of any kind please write down the medication it is taking and the times they are given. 

Please note that we do not take in strays until a 10 day wait period due to the fact that the owner might be looking for their pet. Also keep in mind that there is a waiting list and animals that are vaccinated , microchip ,spay or neuter  before hand , have priority on the waiting list.