Puppy Reunion!

All these siblings that were adopted from PRS had a little reunion at the beach. 



Meet Ashley 

Ashley was found abandon in the streets with her two younger sisters living in poor conditions. It wasn't until one day a kind pedestrian picked them up and brought them to the P.R.S facility to be cared for and groomed. After a few days of healthy eating and treatment Ashley was nursed back to healthy. Ashley is now a happy puppy and adopted by a great family that will lover her forever. Pet Rescue Solutions would like to thank Ashley's new family for adopting and giving her a loving home. 

- P.R.S 


Meet Summer 

Summer was found alone in the streets on a hot summer day dehydrated and starving . Luckily a pedestrian found her and brought to the P.R.S facility to get photos taken of her and given a nice cooling bath. After a few days in foster care Summer was nursed back to health for adoption events. After participating in her first adoption event Summer was adopted into a happy family with a dog of their own. Summer is now living in her new happy home and playing with her older sibling in the backyard. Pet Rescue Solutions want to thank you for adopting Summer . 


Meet Binky 

Binky is a fun loving cat that came to Pet Rescue Solutions in need of a new happy forever home . Binky is now doing great in his new home with his wonderful parents that love him .


Message from Binky's parents :

" This one for recent moments with our kitty Binky. Thank you guys for all the guidance and help and yes definite thank you again." 



Meet Rain 


Rain was just a little puppy when he was brought into Pet Rescue Solutions to be cared for. After a few days in foster care Rain grew up to be a happy little puppy that loves to play and nap all day. Rain was adopted after his first day that the Pet Smart adoption event hosted by Pet Rescue Solutions. 

Rain is now grown up and is doing great in his forever home and is giving P.R.S  updates. Message from Rains's family: 

Rain turned one year old this July. Rain came into our home last October and he is doing well . Rain says hi to his foster parents and everyone else at Pet Rescue Solutions. 

- P.R.S 


Meet Ace

Ace was found when he was a lost puppy walking the streets by himself. Luckily a nice pedestrian was able to pick him up and foster him. His foster brought Ace to Pet Rescue Solutions to cared for and given a nice bath. Ace was then taken to his first adoption event and was adopted that same day in a happy home. Ace now goes on long runs with his owner a long the beach to keep him healthy and strong.  Not only his are his owners keeping Ace active ; they also take him to training classes. Ace now knows how to sit when told to and listen to basic commands. 

Ace is now in a happy loving home where he will be cared for and be loved forever. Pet Rescue Solutions would like to thank you for adopting Ace and giving him a forever home.  

- P.R.S