Foster Guidelines

Why Foster

  • If you ever wanted the opportunity to care for an animal, but you're unable to commit to 10+ years of care. Then fostering is just the thing for you!

  • Fostering an animal is a fun, exciting and rewarding experience! Not only do you and your family learn the responsibilities of "pet ownership", but you also get the chance to save a life. 

  • Without foster homes, our rescue organization would not be able to save the lives of animals.

  • Our foster parents play a huge role in our rescue and are very much appreciated by both the animals and ourselves! Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in becoming a foster parent by filling out the application below. We are always in search of loving foster homes for our pets.

Foster Application Process

  1. You must also provide a filled out Foster Program Application/Contract.

  2. A Pet Rescue Solution faculty will schedule a home visit to see if the home fits to the pets needs, prior to the approval of the application.

  3. All Foster pets are under the responsibility and possession of P.R.S until it is formally adopted. 

  4. A Foster animal will not be transferred or given to another guardian without the approval of Pet Rescue Solution.  

  5. Foster dog's must be on a leash when walked and the yard must be fit to prevent the pet from jumping over it. If you prefer to keep the foster pets indoors than we would be more than happy to know before hand in case you are in  need of any material. 

  6. All foster owned pets must be vaccinated and up to date with their shots.

  7. In case of an emergency please contact Pet Rescue Solution or Eva Rainwater for approval to take the foster pets to it's regular Veterinarian Hospital.

    • It is also the responsibility of the foster to take the foster pet to it regulatory check up and hospital appointments. 

    • You as the foster are responsible for the medical treatments of the foster pet. Which is administrating medication to the Foster Pets when it needs to be given. Along with the help of monitory the Foster pet condition and updating P.R.S their state of health. 

Cat Fostering Guidelines

 Fostering a cat or kitten from P.R.S  is making  sure that there is a kitty litter present for them to do the restroom in. It is also important to avoid having any potted plants that is accessible for them to reach , because cats tend to mistake it for a kitty litter and create a mess with the dirt.

  • Avoid having the Foster pet from going outside. If the foster pet some how gets lost it is your responsibility to notify a P.R.S. representative.  

  • Make sure that there is plenty of food and water for the foster pet.

  • If you are fostering kittens please keep in  mind that some kittens might not know how to do the restroom in the kitty liter and it  is up to you the foster to train the foster pet to do so. There will be a kitty litter provided along with food and cat bowls. 

  • It is also important to let any representative in P.R.S know if there are any health issues with the cat or kitten you are fostering.   If the cats condition seems to be very ill call a P.R.S. representative so they can call the local vet to see the cat a soon as possible. 

  • If the cats condition seem to be an emergency then you as the foster can take the cat to your local vet to be treated. Once you arrive at the pet hospital then you must call a P.R.S. representative to meet with at that location. 

Dog Fostering Guidelines

When your are fostering from P.R.S you must know that the Foster Pets state of behavior can varies to calm and energetic. In the foster application you can choose what kind of pet you prefer to care for depending on behavior. When fostering our dogs or puppies it take a while for them to to adjust to the new environment of your home. Most of the dogs are strays or owner surrendered pets that are not use to a new home or being moved around often. It usually takes about a week or two for the foster pet to become comfortable into their new temporary home. So please have patience for your new furry roommate if he or she get nervous or pees in the house.   

  •   When you come home with your new furry friend you must keep in mind that he/she will be a bit nervous from the transition of a new home. So for the first couple of days you and your Foster Pet will be getting to know each other. In the beginning he will not know why he is at your house ,so be patient if he is anxious and pees in your home. 

  • If you are aware that the pet has the tendency to get into or chew certain items;please make sure to make the home pet safe from an items from being destroyed. Please keep shoes. children toys, and clothing are not in arms length for the foster pet to get a hold of.

  • When fostering a PRS foster pet we do not guarantee that the pet is house broken or potty trained. Depending on the pet they are already trained to pee on mats . Others are trained to pee only outside on a certain schedule that consist of the morning and evening.  

    • Puppies : Fostering a puppy is not as easy as it may seem. Many of the times our puppies are not potty  trained and will need to be guided  to pee on the pee mats .  

    • Puppies are in need of plenty of exercise and play time.  P.R.S will provide toys for the foster pet to play with and puppy food when needed.  

  • If you prefer your foster pet to not be on any furniture ; please do not permit him from getting on any furniture when he/she first comes to your home.   If you do allow the foster pet to be on your couch, Pet Rescue Solutions is then not responsible for the damages done to your furniture. 

  • Keep in mind that being in a new environment can cause the foster pet to not eat as much and may loose his appetite every once in a while. Make sure that there is enough water for he/she to consume to and  avoid dehydration. If your foster pet continues to not eat please call a P.R.S representative and notify them right away to notify them about the issue. 

  • If you notice that your foster pet looks ill please call a PRS representative; so we can call our local veterinarian and notify you when to take them. If the foster pet seems very ill then in this case take him to your local vet to get treatment if it's an emergency. Once you arrive at your local  pet hospital contact a P.R.S representative to meet with you. 


                                         To become a Foster Parent you must complete the following below...  

  • Submit and fill out the Foster application/Contract. 

  • The qualifications to foster pets from Pet Rescue Solutions is to be 21 years or older.

  • Must be living in a House with a fenced back yard or front yard. If you are living in an apartment make sure that your landlord is in an agreement of you fostering a P.R.S pet. 

  • If you rent your home , attach a copy of the rent policy and provide the contact information of your landlord.

  •  Must provide some kind of identification or I.D. to a  P.R.S. representative. 

Fostering for Pet Rescue Solutions

When you Foster from Pet Rescue Solutions , We provide the following:  

                                  Please note that the supplies for the foster must be used for the Foster Pet alone.

  • Food

  • Medical expenses for the pet

  • Leashes and Collars

  • Bath supplies

  • Clothing 

  • Bed 

Foster Application
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I hereby affirm that all the above information is true and correct . I understand that submission of this application does not necessarily mean that i will be approved for fostering and that Pet Rescue Solutions (P.R.S. ) reserves the right to reject any applicant . I authorize you to verify any and all information set forth in this application and contact my personal references (without your signature we cannot process this application) I give permission to accept my electronic signature as my legal signature . By signing below i understand that : The pet that i will foster is the ownership and responsibility of P.R.S . I agree to periodic visits to my home by a P.R.S representative . I agree to contact P.R.S at least on month in advance , if I can no longer take care of the pet. I agree to return / surrender the pet immediately and only to P.R.S, if the rescues learns that i am not providing the required level of care to my foster Pet. I agree to take my pet to P.R.S. adoption events . I agree to provide the utmost care to ANY pet I foster from P.R.S as if it were my own. i agreed to provide the pet with exercise , basic obedience , and to improve their behavior of my foster pet. I approve the use of pictures of me (and my family) by P.R.S. for marketing Purposes . i understand that our identity may be kept anonymous at our request . Use of pictures will include but not be limited to our website ,and / or networking sites . PLEASE TYPE YOUR INITIALS IN THE SPACE BELOW TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO OUR FOSTER AGREEMENT .
I am volunteering to foster a pet that has received no known behavioral or socialization training. In consideraton for being permitted by P.R.S. to Participate as an animals foster or volunteer , I hereby waive , release ,and discharge any and all claims and damages for personal injury , death , or property damage which i may sustain or which may hereafter accrue as a result of my participation as a foster or volunteer or resulting from any negligence or misconduct of P.R.S. I agree to indemnify and to hold free and harmless P.R.S , its Directors , Officers , and or Agents , including their heirs , agents, representatives , successors and assignees from any and all injury and / or property damage , claims , losses , liability , damage , expenses , fees including attorney fees ,costs and judgments that may be asserted against P.R.S. which I may incur or sustain while participating as a foster or volunteer for P.R.S or that result from that acts or omissions of P.R.S its employees and agents . I agree that all services I provide are charitable in nature and entirely voluntary , and there will be no compensation of any kind for the performance thereof. Furthur i have been fully advised that as a non-employee i am not covered by workers compensation , and i am not covered under any medical insurance plan associated with my foster or volunteer position with P.R.S. PLEASE TYPE INITIALS IN THE SPACE BELOW TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO OUR LIABILITY WAVIER