White Dog Reunited With Owner Because of Josef & Demitriu!!
I want to give a shout out and a very well deserved THANK YOU!!! to both Josef & Demitri for getting this little white dog back to their owner! 
Fortunately this little white dog had a Pet Identification Tag. Luckily for this little white dog both Josef & Demitri's were around and followed this little girl until she was cornered at a house on the 2200 block of Ravenfall Ave. in Rowland Heights. Both Josef and Demitri's dedication & persistence paid off. 
Josef and Dimitriu were having some difficulty approaching this little white dog so they gave me a call and 15 minutes later I met them on Ravenfall Ave. 
This little white dog was unapproachable so I told Josef to try to get as close as possible to take a picture of the identification tag. I did this before and it worked great.

Josef was able to get close enough and take a picture and as he blew it up he was able to get both the Phone number and Address. This little white dog lived only a block away. Thank God For Identification Tags! They work wonders!! That's why I preach to all of you to make a sincere effort in getting an Identification Tag for your Pet. It makes all the difference in the world in keeping your family intact. 
In the Picture we see the Owner on the left who is reunited with Cinnamon the white Little Dog, in the middle is Dimitri and Josef is on the far right. These young boys really made a sincere effort and made all the difference in the world in getting Cinnamon reunited with her owner. 
I want to Thank All Of You that have that same determination, dedication and drive just like Josef and Demitri in helping get lost pets off the streets and back to their owners. 
Making this difference keeps many pets from getting injured or killed and also prevents accidents from occurring as well. 
Nextdoor.com is a great platform and as we get more neighbors to join we will see more & more pets reunited with their owners.

Thanks one Again Josef and Dimitri for a Job Well Done!!!

Adam/ Pet Rescue Solutions

Eva Rainwater