UPDATE: REX aka HANK is going great!! Owner sent updated pictures of Rex aka Hank. We love getting these updates. Makes our job more rewarding and all the negative comments not mean anything. 
Owner's Updated Message:

Thanks so much for all the goodies you sent me me home with, it was an incredibly generous gift. Most of all, thanks for rescuing this sweet boy. Rex, who we are now calling, "Hank" is doing great. I'm really impressed with how quickly and well he is adjusting. He's very playful, but sweet - as you know- and a great, responsive learner. He is shy/skittish with some people but given his early life it makes perfect sense. He ran laps around our backyard as soon as we got home and loved lying in the cool dirt. He always finds the best grass patches to lay in when we go on walks. We are going to put some sod in our front yard for him to enjoy. He's very curious about other pups and although he seems eager to play, he's not aggressive at all. He also doesn't respond to other dogs barking at him, which is impressive. I'm looking forward to taking him to the dog park, but we're waiting until he is better settled and acclimated to us. We took him on a hike yesterday and he was pooped the rest of the day. He really is a great dog. He seems happiest when he's just hanging out with us. He gets a little anxious when one of us leaves, but calms down quickly. Sorry for the lengthy message- in a nutshell, he's doing great, he's super sweet, and we couldn't be any happier! 
Thanks again for all you do and have done for Rex/Hank!

Eva Rainwater