This Cutie named "Hope" is available for adoption. We found her Sunday afternoon roaming in the streets at Big Bear. Turns out when she was a puppy someone dumped her in front of a rehab center. A couple of nice samaritan's from the rehab center seen what happened and took her in. Unfortunately they were not allowed to keep her for long. They tried to find her a home with no luck. She limps from one of her behind legs due to a previous accident. She was taken to the vet and w...e were told that it will heal over time. Other then that she runs and plays like any other dog. Hope loves people! She is super obedient and calm. Perfect indoor dog! She knows basic commands such as sit, lay down and paw. She knows when she's done something wrong. She gives you this adorable guilty face that you just can't stay mad at.
Please share! Help Hope find her forever home.
Email me for the adoption application or if you have any other questions.
Here is the link to the Online Adoption Application
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(626) 758-1977
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