Reunited and Finaly Home

Camelo was reunited with his owner Patty after being lost wondering the streets alone. Camelo was found in the Baldwin Park Shelter after accidentally being put with the females section of the shelter. Luckily Patty had an instinct that her dog Camelo might be in the Female section of the shelter since he was neuter and the shelter might have mistaken him for a girl. Once Patty saw that Camelo was in the shelter she was so thankful for finding him and bringing him home safe.

Pet Rescue Solutions staff had a great time taking all of patties dogs a bath in our new bathing area. All of her dogs enjoyed being bathed and looking clean. It was amazing on just how much Patty's dogs love to play with water and staying fresh. Thank You Patty for giving us the opportunity to care for your dogs.😊

Eva Rainwater