UPDATE....SAFE!!!! Freedom ride post coming soon!!!!

"They're coming back. I know it. I'm just going to wait right here. ... They didn't mean to leave me here. I mean, how could they have done this on purpose? It's all a misunderstanding so I'm going to wait here right by these bars so I'll be ready when they get back. When they put me in the car and drove me here I was excited. I thought we were going somewhere fun but instead we came here. Liddi wants me to feel better. I'm just afraid if I move from this spot and my family comes back, they won't see me. She's doing her best to take my mind off of my problems. She's sweet. She's worried too. Worried that she's all alone and won't make it out of here alive. But she won't show it. She's trying to keep my spirits up. I wish I could take better care of her but I'm afraid there's nothing I can do. She says my family isn't coming back but we have each other now. She says that we'll be best friends until the very end."

Angels Family, We're calling these girls the kissing dogs. They are Liddi and Middi. They're in a shelter together and there are only a couple of options for them. They can leave out the back. I don't have to say it out loud do I? We all know what that means, right? Or...they can leave out the front. With us. Rescued. That's what we want for them. Not a tragic end. We want to walk them out into the sunshine. Walk them out into safety. We need you! We always need you. Not even one rescue would be possible without you and your support. So we're asking again. Asking for these two precious lives that are at stake. Please help the ‪#‎kissingdogs‬ Share this post with the hashtag #kissingdogs Please donate for them! Donations, fosters and sharing saves lives!

to save their lives please go here to donate: www.angelsrescue.org/donatenow
You can also mail a check to:
Angels Among Us
Alpharetta GA

We need a foster in order to pull these girls. We need someone in the Atlanta Metro area. Please go to www.angelsrescue.org/foster to apply.


Eva Rainwater