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Please Provide the name , address and phone number of three non-relatives who have known you for the at last 2 years. below.
At Pet Rescue Solutions , we believe that all pets deserve to live in a loving home where they are considered a valued member of the home family . Submitting an application does not guarantee that you will be able to adopt one of our pets. We carefully screen all of our applicants and review every application and situation to ensure our pets find a loving home. Any incomplete application , false or misleading information provided on this application is grounds refusal . In addition : (1) We only adopt to home where the pet will live comfortable. (2) all pet are fixed prior to adoption. If the pet is to young to be spayed or neutered. (3) w reserve the right to do a home check at any point after the adoption . (4) Some of our pets are older or may have a medical condition. should this be the case with the pet you are interested in adopting , additional requirements may have to be met by the adoptive family. (5) We reserve the right to refuse any adoption applicant for any reason . (6) You agree to return the pet you adopted from Pet Rescue Solutions if you can no longer care for it. (7) You grant P.R.S , its representatives , volunteers and employees the right to take photographs of you , your family and / or your P.R.S rescue pet in connection with any marketing and Online mediums. You agree that P.R.S may use such photos of me, my family and/or rescue pet with or without my name and for any lawful purpose , including for example such purpose as publicity , illustration , advertising and web content. PLEASE TYPE YOUR INITIALS IN THE SPACE BELOW TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO OUR ADOPTION POLICIES.
I am aware that i am adopting a pet that has received somewhat behavioral or socialization training . I hereby waive , release and discharge any and all claims and damages for personal injury , death , or property damages which i may sustain or which may hereafter accrue as a result of any negligence or misconduct of P.R.S . I agree to indemnify and to hold free and harmless P.R.S , its directors , officers , and /or agents , including their heirs , agents , representatives , successors and assignees form any injury and/or property damage , claims losses , liability , damage, expenses, fees including attorney fees, costs and judgments that any be asserted against P.R.S which I may incur or sustain or that result form the acts or omissions or P.R.S its employees and agents or acts, negligence , or omissions on behalf . I hereby confirm that all the above information is true and correct . I understand that submission of this application does not necessarily mean that I will be approved for adoption and that Pet Rescue Solutions reserves the right to reject any applicant. I authorize you to verify and and all information set forth i this application and contact my personal references . Your electronic signature below confirms all information provided is true and accurate and you agree to our adoption policies set forth above. PLEASE TYPE INITIALS IN THE SPACE BELOW TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO OUR LIABILITY WAVIER
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